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lady at beach balancing on rock

My story

I have worked in an Agricultural corporate environment for over 20 years – mainly in Germany and Australia. I know what it means to be in sales, to be on the road all the time and snowed under by e-mails and phone calls. Many sleepless nights in hotel rooms, and bad meal choices on the go.

I also know what it means to be a farmer, where you might not get that many e-mails, but where you will never stop finishing the jobs who needs to get done. I married a dairy farmer, and even though we don’t milk cows anymore, we have beef cattle and a hay business. Dairy cows are still close to my heart, as I worked in the dairy industry for most of my career.

Balancing work life and self-care has been a long-life challenge for me. I experienced a couple of quite harsh mental breakdowns as wakeup calls, while working for a corporate.

That is when I started to look for something else in my life to rebalance work-life (apart from riding horses which was always and will always be my passion).

lady at beach balancing on rock

I rediscovered my passion for dancing, my passion for health and nutrition (I actually have a PhD in animal nutrition and went to a specialised High school for nutrition and home economics) and for laughing and childlike playfulness.

I was also able to define my life purpose, which is to lead a joyful existence and to spread joy.

I love life and live it to the fullest (literally speaking), but I constantly have to remind myself to find the balance of all things. And this can be challenging. I finally made the decision to quit my corporate job at the end of 2022 to fully concentrate on the things close to my heart: our farm and my wellness & movement business.

lady at beach balancing on rock


Integrative Health Practitioner (Level 1 & 2), Mastery

Advanced Facilitator of the GROOVE Method (Adults, FIT, Kids & Family)

Laughter Yoga Leader

PhD in Agriculture Sciences (Animal Nutrition)