Did you know laughter can relieve stress?

Laughter Yoga will bring out your inner child!
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Laughter Yoga

Laughter Yoga


Laughter yoga is a popular movement and breathing exercise that aims to cultivate joy, bring out your inner child, and help you let go of daily life stressors.

Considering that laughter is contagious, it’s no surprise that Laughter yoga has grown from one small group in Mumbai, India to over 5,000 clubs worldwide.

Laughter yoga is adaptable, accessible, and inclusive. It’s for all ages and all abilities—and let’s not forget that laughter is a universal language.

On top of all that, laughter yoga has proven physical, mental health and social benefits. 

Choose from the following offerings:


Laughter yoga for the community

  • Laughter Club

Get your party going for a special event (Laughter Party):

  • Hens party
  • Birthday party
  • Wedding anniversaries
  • Divorce celebrations 😉

Give your retreat a laughy twist

  • Health and wellness retreats
    Women’s Circle

Corporate Laughter Yoga:

  • Corporate wellbeing
  • Team building
  • Ice breaker for events

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