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Workplace Wellness

The cost of poor work-life balance can be high – for you as an employer, but also for your employee.

During my career in the corporate world, I learned that I have to make my wellbeing and wellness my priority.

But what does wellness mean?

Wellness is being in good physical and mental health. Improving your and your employee’s physical health can improve your mental health and vice versa. Similarly, problems in one area can impact the other. It is critical to make healthy choices for both your mind and body to achieve wellness.

Making the “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” part of daily life can improve mental and physical health for individuals at your workplace.

“Eight Dimensions of Wellness”

My corporate “Eight Dimensions of Wellness” course can be delivered as:

  • a full day workshop
  • half day workshop or,
  • as a monthly series of “Lunch ‘n’ Learn” one hour sessions – on-site or via live video webinar.

“Health Coach on the run”

I have also developed a “Health Coach on the run” seminar, where I share:

  • wisdoms of my experience as a sales rep and
  • how to incorporate more healthy choices while travelling.

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