Welcome to my Blog, welcome to my website! I just turned 52 and honestly i love birthdays. Well, i actually really love MY birthday. Here in Australia it is basically taken place at the beginning of spring. With 52 you could argue live isn’t that much fun anymore. As a woman you deal most likely with all sorts of “things” (and i am not going into detail here). And i agree to that extend that i am having my challenges too. The weight jumps on you and it seems it never wants to leave you. But hey, i learned all the tools so i am my own best client to go through the protocols and procedures. Apart from the physical changes, we tend to focus on more the negative things, we look at social media and compare ourselves constantly.

More playfulness in your life

But I have one great tip for you to get out of your head: incorporate more playfulness in your life!

Playfulness can be defined as the quality of being fun and lively. Think about a puppy playing! In Psychology, it is the tendency to see the light or bright side of life, to joke with others, and not to take matters too seriously. Playfulness is considered to be a foundation of humour.

On the GROOVE dancefloor and at Laughter Yoga playfulness plays a major role.

Playfulness on the GROOVE Dancefloor

So, what is playfulness in GROOVE? Mainly, the simple structure of allowing our participants to do the moves their way facilitates creativity and the ability to play with the move, play in their bodies, play with the music and play with each other as we make connections. And then, we as facilitators, can use specific songs to entice even deeper exploration in playfulness, getting a bit goofy, being silly or even going to really weird! Why not? The benefits of this are many (from Nick Wignall)

1. Playfulness helps us “outcompete” worry and anxiety with curiosity and passion
2. Play increases freedom and optionality
3. Playfulness fosters better relationships
4. Play is a stress reliever and relaxing
5. Playfulness leads to creative thinking and smarter decision-making
6. Play can help us learn new skills
7. Playfulness helps with identity diversification

So whether you are comfortable with weird, silly and goofy or not, challenge yourself. Just a little bit. You will see magic happen doing things out of our comfort zones helps to light up our lives in many ways!

To many more playfulness birthdays.